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International PhD Program Admissions

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For Foreign Students

A. Target Students

This doctoral degree program intends to recruit:

1. Master graduates with backgrounds in materials engineering, electronics engineering, chemical engineering, physics, electrical machinery, machinery, information engineering, etc.

2. Master graduates with medical engineering, biomedical engineering, biochemical engineering, physical therapy, etc. and other related backgrounds master graduates.

B. Scholarship and grants

1. In order to attract outstanding domestic and foreign students to enroll in our doctoral program and to encourage applicants to study hard during their studies here, our program provides scholarships to reward our doctoral students with excellent academic performance and research potentials. Except for students with full-time employment, the rest of program students are entitled to the following grants:

a. Waiver for tuition, miscellaneous fees or credit fees for each semester. 

b. On-campus housing subsidy for those who have completed the application for campus dorms.

c. Tuition-waiver is provided up to three academic years. On-campus housing subsidy is provided up to six semesters, including summer vacations during the semester, but excluding the winter vacations after the end of the 6th semester.

d. The living allowance for foreign students is NTD15,000 per month; the monthly living allowance for Taiwanese students is NTD20,000 (an additional NTD5,000 per month for those with TOEIC scores 700 or more). Subsidies are provided for up to three academic years.

 e. Foreign students who have recieved the above grants should volunteer for 40 hours in the current semester, and students of Taiwan nationality should volunteer for 40 hours in the semester.

 f.  Starting from the 2nd semester after enrollment, an assessment is required every semester for students who have recieved the above grants. An average academic grade in the previous semester must reach B+ grade (GPA 3.3). For students whose conduct scores below 80 points in each semester, or students who have been punished or receive a minor demerit will not be entitled to this scholarship or grants in the following semester.


 2.  On top of the above-mentioned scholarships and grants, students who work as research assistants (RA) or teaching assistants (TA) can also receive "research assistantships" or "teaching assistantships."

a. Research assistantship is approved and provided in accordance with the regulations of the research plan.

b. Teaching Assistantship for doctoral students is approved and provided in accordance with the teaching contents.   

Scholarship for Newly Enrolled

Our Campus & the Dormitory

If you have any further inquiries, please contact:Yu-Ting Lo +886-2908-9899 ext.7505