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Introduction of PhD Program

International PhD Program in Plasma and Thin Film Technology
Center for Plasma and Thin Film Technologies

※ Objectives※

     The educational golas of this doctoral degree program is to make the maximum use of teachers' industry-university

practical research & development experience, and to integrate innovative technologies such as plasma technology,

biomedical thinfilm technology, optoelectronic semiconductor thin film technology, semiconductor materials, energy

thin film materials, and nanomaterials in order to cultivate quality R&D talents in plasma & thin film engineering. In

terms of R&D spectrums, we arecommitted to deepen the integration of practical research and development of plasma

and thin film applications in medical equipment, biomedical materials, semiconductor technology, and energy

technology, and to strengthen the competitiveness of our nation's biotechnology industry and semiconductor industry

through industry-university cooperation.

※ Schools/Departments that participate in the teaching and research of this degree program※





We're Looking For...

    1. Master graduates with backgrounds in materials engineering, electronics engineering, chemical engineering, physics, electrical machinery, information engineering, etc.

    2. Master graduates with medical engineering, biomedical engineering, biochemical engineering, physical therapy, etc. and other related backgrounds master graduates.