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R&D Groups

Surface Modification Group
     Focusing on the research on improving the mechanical properties, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and 
     antibacterial performance of various substrates by surface modification technologies such as coating.


Improving the cutting life of micro-end mills with nano-multilayer coatings



Nano-multilayer and nano-composite films with excellent antibacterial ability


► Optoelectronics and Semiconductor Thin Film Group
     Focusing on the research and development of thin-film solar cells, non-volatile memory, transparent conductive           films, and stretched optoelectronic components


鈣鈦礦太陽能電池                 應變感測器


► Biomedical Thin Film Group
     Focusing on biomedical optoelectronics and electronic detection and functional (electrochemical polymerization)        coating.


Non-traditional plasma group  
     Focusing on the research of surface modification using liquid plasma and atmospheric plasma technology.

Using Liquid Plasma Technology. to preparation of Porous Ceramic Oxide Films

  Hydroxyl free radical distribution map


► HiPIMS Group
The main task is to develop advanced coating systems and commercial functional coating process technologies


Application of TiN Coating on Total Reflection Car Lamp Housing Mold