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Q1. What is the International PhD Program in Plasma and Thin Film Technology all about?

A1: The Center for Plasma and Thin Film Technologies at Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) integrates the multi-disciplinary faculties and on-campus resources to promote potential new  academic-industrial cooperation research projects. 
The faculties of the doctoral degree program are integrated from the College of Environment Resources (Department of Materials Engineering) and the College of Engineering (Department of Electrical Engineering). 
The Ph.D. program combines practical and theoretical aspects of interdisciplinary technology, builds prospective research teams, and provides comprehensive facilitation for doctoral students to develop practice-oriented models of industry-university collaboration. This program aims to cultivate talents with engineering knowledge and experience to meet the needs of high-tech semiconductor, energy, materials, and biomedical industries.

Q2. Does the PhD Program in Plasma and Thin Film Technology offer scholarships to its students? 

A2: Scholarship and Benefits:      

This Ph.D. program provides full scholarships to direct admission students with exceptional academic achievements and research potential who are enrolled in the doctoral degree program at MCUT, Taiwan, except for part-time Ph.D. graduate students.
a. Waiver for tuition, miscellaneous fees or credit fees for each semester. 

b. On-campus housing subsidy for those who have completed the application for campus dorms.

c. Tuition waiver is provided for up to three academic years. On-campus housing subsidy is provided for up to six semesters, including summer vacations during the semester, but excluding the winter vacations after the end of the 6th semester.

d. The living stipend for foreign students is NTD15,000 per month; the monthly stipend for Taiwanese students is NTD20,000 (an additional NTD5,000 per month for those with TOEIC scores of 700 or more). Subsidies are provided for up to three academic years.

e. Foreign students who have received the above grants should be volunteers for 40 hours in the current semester, and students of Taiwanese nationality should be volunteers for 40 hours in the semester.

f. Starting from the 2nd semester after enrollment, an assessment is required every semester for 
students who have received the above grants. An average academic grade in the previous semester must reach a B+ grade (GPA 3.3). Students whose conduct scores are below 80 points each semester or who have been punished or received a minor demerit will not be entitled to this scholarship or grant in the following semester.


Q3: How do I apply for the scholarship offered by this program?

A3: Application period and availability: 

1.  Fall (Sept enroll): 8 places are available for foreign students, and 5 places for domestic students. 
2.  For more admission information, please check the website at: https://cptft.mcut.edu.tw/p/412-1019-9979.php?Lang=en

Q4: How do I apply for laboratory access?

A4: First of all, students must get the certification of operation for laboratory equipment from lab administrators before applying for lab access. Then, students can download and complete the lab access application form.

  Q5: Where is the office of the Director of this program? How can I contact him if I have some questions?

A5: The Program Director's office is located in rooms 302-4 on the 3rd floor of the General Building.

  Q6: Where is the classroom of this program?

A6: Please check your course schedule first.  If the course uses the meeting room, the classroom will be on the 3rd floor of the 1st building. Otherwise, the course will be held on the 3rd floor of the 3rd building.

  Q7: How many credits do I have to complete for the PhD program?

A7: To graduate, PhD students must complete a minimum of 42 credits, including 18 credits of compulsory core courses, 12 credits for the doctoral thesis, and 24 credits of elective courses.

Q8: Can I proceed to take the International PhD Program in Plasma and Thin Film Technology without getting a Master’s degree?

A8: Please download the information from our website for the relevant regulations for applying to the International PhD Program in Plasma and Thin Film Technology. 

Q9: I have some problems with the equipment in the experiment class. Who should I ask for help?

A9: Please inform the professor who is in charge of the equipment of the current status of the equipment, and then ask the manager of our center to assist with follow-up maintenance.

Q10: How to contact CPTFT? 

A10: Please Contact Miss Lara Lo
TEL:886-2-2908-9899 ext.7505 
Address:84 Gungjuan Rd., Taishan Dist. New Taipei City 243303, Taiwan