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★ 2023 International Forum in Plasma and Thin Film Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals (PTSDG2023)

update date : 2024-05-17

2023 International Forum in Plasma and Thin Film Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals (PTSDG2023)

Date: 15 - 17 Jun 2023
Venue: Ming Chi University of Technology (
84 Gungjuan Rd., Taishan Dist., New Taipei City 243303, Taiwan)
Registration Fee: 1,500 NTD

PTSDG2023 is intended for engineers and scientists working in all fields between fundamental research and product development by surface modification processes. The full scope of surface modifications like chemical or physical processing, material deposition or removal in dimensions of nanometers to some hundred microns shall be considered to generate functional surfaces. 

The focus is on the complete range from process and materials to applications with the goal to minimize or even to eliminate negative environmental impact, and perhaps also to improve environmental conditions. Surface solutions have the potential to enable sustainable solutions for functionalized and even smart surfaces, but surface solutions in itself should also be sustainable. Innovative ideas for new pathways to generate sustainable surface functions are welcome.

The surface modification process in general or, as an example, a coating deposition process has to be designed for sustainability including the adequately targeted durability, the effort and waste for production and the recyclability at the end of life. This includes an assessment of the total GHG (greenhouse gas) impact and the release of harmful substances. Impact measure for the total carbon footprint for any resource to adjust surface properties are increasingly of importance due to national and international regulations. This includes aspects of material selection, utilization and energy efficiency. Life cycle assessment (cradle to grave) aspects are of interest beginning with the material selection ending with the “recycling” (circular economy, cradle to cradle). 


Interested Topics

Poster session of PTSDG2023 is now open for submission and we sincerely welcome interested parties to submit their abstracts on the following themes:

  1. Tailored components of the deposition (treatment) equipment’s (PVD, CVD; Spraying, Nitriding and others) and the processes themselves are steps to achieve a progress in sustainability, 
  2. Low-impact materials (non-toxic, recycled materials) both for the surface and for intermediate steps.
  3. Pathways of sustainable solutions based on various deposition (treatment) processes for energy conversion and storage , self-cleaning surfaces , coatings on plastics, optical coatings, medical coatings, decorative coatings, antifouling coatings, corrosion protection coatings, sensoric and electronic coatings shall be highlighted.



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